The G9 Competition Series is an incredibly accurate, high-velocity, enhanced ballistic coefficient (BC) bullet for the competition shooter.

These monolithic brass projectiles are turned on a CNC machine and feature a proprietary, patent-pending geometry on the driving bands that produce a low friction projectile, while enabling higher velocity with normal chamber pressures.

G9 bullets produce lower pressure due to reduced friction, resulting in reduced heat transfer to the barrel and subsequent barrel life extension. G9 has fired over 4,000 rounds of 154-grain ammunition at velocities exceeding 3,400 fps / 1,036 mps through the same .300 Winchester Magnum barrel with no degradation in accuracy or signs of throat erosion.

These bullets offer a 10-15% increase in velocity while maintaining a high Ballistic Coefficient (BC), flatter trajectory and reduced time-of-flight. The result is a round optimized to resist the effects of wind and lateral movement and increase hit probability, particularly when shooting at targets of unknown distances.